In the Oasis no. 4 - Abstract painting on canvas - Jan Skacelik Art

In the Oasis no. 4 - Abstract painting on canvas

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"In the Oasis no. 4" is a harmonious blend of colors and forms that transports you to a world of calm contemplation. The soothing tones of ultramarine blue and earthy colors mirror the refreshing calmness found in nature's hidden retreats.

The composition is a delicate dance of organic shapes, reminiscent of flora and fauna embracing the oasis's life-giving waters. Each brushstroke tells a story of balance and renewal, as if the canvas itself is a sanctuary waiting to be explored. The intricate details and layers of texture invite you to lose yourself in the intricate beauty of the piece.

Acrylics and pastels on canvas. Free Shipping

40 x 50 cm / 15.75" x 19.69"

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